Understanding Our Operations

Z.com Bullion fully utilizes the trade execution model and global market position of the Japanese headquarters, GMO Financial Group, to connect the trade engine to global tier 1 liquidity, in order to provide you with fair and stable prices for the precious metals market. With our exceptional technology, our IT experts have optimized the price aggregation engine to fully utilize the unique characteristics of each liquidity provider through the Straight-Through-Processing (STP) model. This allows us to enhance the trade flow while still keeping your costs to a minimum.

  • We strive to create a fair trading environment for you
  • We continuously look to enhance our trading tools and platform to help you earn more profits
  • The majority of our revenue is from the spread difference in our clients' trades
  • Our core goal is to have long term gains for all our clients

What is Straight-Through-Processing ?

Straight-Through-Processing (STP) - all trades are connected directly to liquidity providers for execution, and does not involve any manual intervention from Z.com Bullion. Our role is only to provide the linkage, and we will not be able to intervene the trades in any way.

Cost Leadership

The lower the spreads are, the more our clients can save on transaction costs. we are committed to continually driving down these costs to maximize your trading advantage.

Powerful Technology

Our in-house developed technology gives us a vital advantage over most other online financial brokers. As a direct result, we have the capability and flexibility to deliver new products, services and technical enhancements quickly, and tailor our trading tools to suit the needs of our customers.

Our experienced IT professionals work tirelessly to ensure information is secure and operating systems are maintained, to give our clients peace of mind when trading.

Our Bullion Symbols

Improved Transaction Smoothness, Reduced Trading Costs

2 Categories, 6 Tradable Products

How Does Z.com Bullion Earn its Revenues?

Our revenue comes mainly from our precious metals products ' fixed additional spread markups and overnight positions interest rates.

Will We Earn from Clients' Losses ?

NO. The main advantage of the Straight-Through-Processing (STP) model is that it provides a fair trading environment for the client. Clients' buy/sell trades are directly executed in the markets, and all trade revenues are incurred there. Z.com Bullion only serves as the intermediary to connect the two parties together.

Our client's victories are our victories. We share the same goals!

With long term gains for our clients, the turnover volume will naturally increase, and this is our long term goal. We strive to provide you with the best trading environment and tools, to aid you to take advantage of every opportunity - this is our commitment to you.

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