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After completing the online application form, please submit your ID documents to to finish the application process. Below is a final checklist for you before entering the market.

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*Risk Warning: Trading on bullion with margin carries a high degree of risk.

1 - Setting Your Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Regardless of which investment strategy you will use, be sure you have a general goal before entering the market. Identify whether the market is trading in range-bound or trend trading. Set your entry and liquidation prices, investment duration, and objective.

Fund Management

Manage your funds with discipline. A stop loss must be set while the price movement is moving against your expectations. Set a tighter stop loss if the price is moving in a tight range. In contrast, you may leave more space to stop-loss if the price is moving in a wide range.

Risk Management

Under normal market conditions, the daily price fluctuation of gold is around 1-3%, similar to most blue-chips stocks. However, as the majority of investors will trade bullion on leverage, the profits and losses will be amplified. We recommend you to manage your leverage ratio within your own risk acceptance range and to reserve sufficient funds to protect your investments against unfavourable price movements.

Reference Leverage Ratio:
Risk Profile Leverage Ratio
Conservative 0-50X
Aggressive 50-200X
Speculative 200-400X
*The ratios above are for reference only. Investors should make their own judgments.
^For new clients in Hong Kong, the default maximum leverage ratio is Gold 50 times and Silver 25 times. For clients in other regions, the default ratio is Gold 200 times and Silver 100 times. If you want to adjust the maximum leverage ratio, please fill in the "Leverage Ratio Adjustment Application Form"

2 - Take Advantage of Our Gold Symbols

Improved Transaction Smoothness at Reduced Trading Costs

From leading top tier multi-asset liquidity providers around the globe, you can choose from 2 categories with 6 different customized gold trading symbols, to accommodate your investment goals.

Fixed Spread:
Well improved pricing stability for better risk management and trade execution, the spread will be constrained exactly at 0.5. Over 99% of trade will execute at zero slippage market environment. Orders will be filled in full or kill.
Floating Spread:
Highly optimized quotes ensure accurate execution of sweep-to-fill orders. Most competitive quotes to lower your trading cost, while max-spread controls allow you to effectively control spread uncertainty.
Learn more:
Trading Rules

3 - Account Funding

Deposits Bullion accepts the following deposit methods:

  • Local & International Bank Wire Transfer (TT)
  • Online Unionpay Transactions
  • Faster Payment System - Hong Kong (FPS - HK)
  • Cheque Deposits
We do not accept third-party deposits.


Please login to "Account Funding" or send us an email at to submit your withdrawal request.
Any withdrawal requests submitted after 15:00 will be handled during the next business day.