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Gold and silver have long been treasured as valuable assets by investors around the world. In periods of uncertainty, gold is often viewed as the safe-haven asset toward market turbulence, and traders also use bullion products to hedge against inflation.

*Risk Warning: Trading on bullion with margin carries a high degree of risk.

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1 Advantages of Trading Bullion

Bullion is one of the most important asset classes in the investment market nowadays. The intrinsic values of Gold & Silver can fight against inflation at times when monetary policies around the world are at ease. Its characteristics to combat volatility risks can assist in hedging your portfolio against market uncertainty.

Key Features

  • High Liquidity - creates a fair trading atmosphere.
  • Low Transaction Costs - an ideal environment for trading.
  • 24 Hour Trading - suitable for traders with day-time business.
  • Can Go Long or Short - can trade in both rising and falling market.
  • Up to 200x Leverage - makes your funding flexible.

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Bullion Trading Fundamentals

2 Diversify your Portfolio

Long-Term Investment Objective

Use a low leverage and trade bullion with a long-term mind set to increase your capital and counter inflation with the value appreciation characteristics of Gold and Silver in the long run.

Short-Term Investment Objective

Take advantage of leveraged trading and capitalize on short-term movements in bullion prices.

For Risk Management

In recent years of high volatility, if you are holding assets such as properties, stocks, bonds, and foreign currencies, the hedging characteristics of bullion can play a key role in protecting the value of your portfolio against market uncertainty.

3 Learn the Trading Rules

Figure out the best strategy that suits your investment objective

*For new clients in Hong Kong, the default maximum leverage ratio is Gold 50 times and Silver 25 times. For clients in other regions, the default ratio is Gold 200 times and Silver 100 times. If you want to adjust the maximum leverage ratio, please fill in the "Leverage Ratio Adjustment Application Form"

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Product Specifications
Why Z.com Bullion ?

4 Practice with a Demo Account

Practice makes perfect. Register a Free demo account to practice bullion trading in a risk free environment.

Multiple platforms with reliable trade executions

Flexible order types

Market Order, Limit Order, Stop Order, One Cancels other(OCO), If-done Order, and more.

Slippage Limitation

Setting the max. acceptable slippage will increase the chance of fully filled a large volume of trade.

Multiple Platforms

MT4 trading platform supports iphone/ipad、Android/Tablet 、Windows operating system.

Automate your trading with EAs

Download automated trading strategies from MetaTrader Market , any online resources or build your own strategies.

Experience trading with USD 50,000 virtual credits

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