Bullion Trading

Bullion (Gold & Silver) is one of the most important asset classes in the investment market nowadays. The intrinsic values of Gold & Silver can fight against inflation at times when monetary policies around the world are at ease. Its characteristics to combat volatility risks can always hedge your portfolio against market uncertainty.

Key features

  • High Liquidity - creates a fair trading atmosphere.
  • Low transaction costs - an ideal environment for tradings.
  • 24 hour trading - suitable for traders with day-time business.
  • Can go long or short - can trade in both rising and falling market.
  • 200x leverage - makes your funding flexible.

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Bullion Trading Fundamentals

A Reliable and Fair Trading Environment

Our advanced market data aggregation engine connects you to the most competitive spot gold pricing. From leading top tier multi-asset liquidity providers around the globe, you can choose from 2 categories with 6 different customized gold trading symbols, to accommodate your investment goals.

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How to Choose Z.com Bullion's Products ?
Trading Rules

MT4 High Performance Trading Platform

Fully Autonomous Trading without the Use of Discretionary Accounts

Powerful trading tools suitable for both beginners and professional investors

EA Automated Trading System Supported

Use algorithms to reduce the impact of emotionally-driven behaviours

Execute trades automatically, day or night

Find over 1000 approved EA programs through MT4 market