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We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of GMO Financial Holding, Inc (7177:JP), under the corporation of GMO Internet Group (9449:Tokyo). The group are presented in 21 countries at 72 locations, composed with 9 listed companies and 114 subsidiaries. All group companies comply with the highest standard of corporate governance, financial reporting and information disclosure.

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Standard Account

Symbols Fixed + Floating Spread
Spreads Normal Low Spread
Commission Fees No
Minimum Deposit Requirement No
Maximum Holdings 20 Rows (1000 Lots)

Advanced Account

Symbols Floating Spread
Spreads Ultra Low Spread
Commission Fees No
Minimum Deposit Requirement USD 100k
Maximum Holdings 50 Rows (2500 Lots)
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Account Openings - FAQs

1Is there any fee required to open an account?
2What is the minimum initial deposit to open an account?
There is no minimum or maximum deposit for opening or maintaining a trading account with GCB.
3Are non-Hong Kong residents allowed to open an account?
Yes, we accept account opening applications from non-Hong Kong residents. (except for US and Japan residents)
4Can we open an account in person?
We only accept online account opening applications.
5What are the account opening requirements?
Please visit the following page for full details. Open Real Account
6What do I need to prepare or submit when opening an account?
Please visit the following page for full details. Open Real Account
7How long will the application process take?
Upon receipt of the complete application package, your application will be processed in 2 to 3 business days. You will receive your User ID and default password in separate emails.
8How to submit required documents.
You can send clear documents to cs.bullion@z.com.
9How could I know whether my application is approved
If there is any problem concerning the application, our staff will inform you by email or phone call as soon as possible. Please check your mail-box regularly.